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There is no doubt that a clean and tidy workplace creates a comfortable environment. First impressions say a lot about your company and brand. Whether it is your staff or clients, anyone visiting the office should feel welcomed.

Ever wonder how can you maintain your office? Do you have a cleaning plan? What about the cleaning equipment? Traditional cleaning may seem to work its magic but there are still hidden bacteria and virus which is why you should hire a commercial cleaning company.

Let professional office cleaners take care of the cleaning part while you enjoy working in a healthy environment.

Here we are going to talk about 5 critical office areas that should be kept clean at all times in detail.

1. Restroom

Did you know an uncleaned and dirty bathroom poses a potential health risk? You need to keep the restroom cleaned and sanitised. Professional cleaners use eco-friendly and effective cleaning solutions to get rid of germs and allergens. They know which products are the most suitable to remove odour and dust build-up. They strive to maintain the highest cleanliness standards and deliver on-time services.

2. Pantry

The pantry receives heavy-foot traffic all day long. Not only this, but the pantry areas have high chances of getting stains caused by an accidental spill of food and drinks. The office cleaning company comes prepared with a checklist to ensure they don’t miss any spots. They used specialised cleaning solutions to clean countertops and floors that harbour most of the germs and bacteria. From a coffee machine to garbage bins, everything is restored to its original condition.

3. Work desk

No employee would be thrilled to work in a cluttered workspace. Employees move around and sit on their work desk half of the time. The accumulated debris must be removed from the desk and the nearby floors and tiles. With office cleaning in Melbourne, you can get all the work desks disinfected along with your computer systems and other supplies.

4. Common touchpoints

There are many common touchpoints in an office including doorknobs, handles, stair railings and desks. Regular office cleaning will help you keep the areas that are more likely to increase the spread of germs.

With time, it is quite common for surfaces to develop sticky residue. Professional cleaning companies use versatile cleaning equipment to remove dust and dirt particles.

5. Floors and tiles

People walk in and out of the office which invites breeding germs. The office cleaners will work with you to identify the key areas and spots in your office. They will prepare a tailored cleaning plan based on the type of materials and furnishing items. They carry all the tools and cleaning supplies that are ideal for cleaning hardwearing surfaces.

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