Top 5 Tips to Find the Best End of Lease Cleaners in Melbourne

End of lease cleaning company

While shifting to a new home can be an exciting prospect, cleaning your current home and leaving it in a proper condition for your landlord is another matter entirely. It can often become a stressful experience with all the organising and packing. But beyond that, to properly clean the house in such a way that your deposit is not lost, is a different matter.

The primary reason for deposit deduction is the state of the rental and the uncleanliness of the property. This is why professional end of lease cleaning services are necessary to ensure that the house is left in impeccable condition. While there are a large number of choices for professional home cleaners, these five tips can help you find a high-quality end of lease cleaning service.

1. Specified Checklist

Vacate cleaning is not a simple job. It requires a deep thorough clean to keep the house in a pristine condition. Before you hire a cleaning service you must check if they offer a specified checklist of every single one of their procedures. A professional service will provide you with a checklist that leaves no stone unturned describing specific items and areas of the property that you may not have considered.

2. Company Pricing

When you’re hiring a professional company it doesn’t mean that you need to be ready to pay premium pricing. The best cleaners will offer service prices based on the contents and size of the property. An end of tenancy cleaning team that is hired based on the amount of time they work will not give you a guarantee that every area in your home will be cleaned properly.

3. Insurance

You must ensure that any cleaner you hire is fully insured. A trustworthy cleaning service will have only insured professionals with impeccable records. This is important because you will be letting the employees in your rental property for multiple hours, and not every time will you have the leeway to provide supervision. A reliable company will provide insurance in case of damage or breakage during cleaning.

4. Tools And Supplies

A professional company that provides an end of lease cleaning service will always include their products and tools in their pricing. This is because they will be using high-grade materials and sophisticated equipment to help get the job done properly. Furthermore, certain companies will have separate pricing for the cleaning job and separate pricing for the materials. This is not something that will be done by a professional company.

5. Guarantee

A professional end of lease cleaning company will always get a proper guarantee for their services.

Most cleaners will offer a 24-hour guarantee for the cleaning service. This is so that clients can take advantage of that specific timeframe, and do their own inspection before they give it to the landlord.

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