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Complete Solutions for Industrial Cleaning Melbourne


Looking for experts for warehouse cleaning or factory cleaning? At Clean Up Group, we specialise in offering a comprehensive range of industrial cleaning services in Melbourne to ensure that your commercial space is properly maintained. As an experienced provider of commercial cleaning services, we understand that a perfect clutter-free environment is the most important way to a safe and effective working environment.

Warehouses and factories require frequent cleaning to ensure the smooth functioning of your processes and to ensure that the safety measures are in place. However, any type of industrial cleaning is a tedious task and requires a thorough understanding of the cleaning scheme that will best work. All the efforts by you might go to waste if cleaning necessities are not accurately recognised.

At Clean Up Group, we wish to simplify it for you with our broad range of cleaning services. Whether you are looking for a warehouse floor cleaner or need factory cleaning in Melbourne, we have your requirements covered. Avail our service for exceptional results.


Professional and Affordable Warehouse Cleaning

Being in the business, we offer exceptionally proficient services of warehouse cleaning in Melbourne. Our housekeeping, degreasing, cleaning, power washing, and other warehouse cleaning services are intended to tidy up your space and advance better wellbeing and security in your workspace. We additionally offer effective warehouse pressure washing services.

We are a reliable warehouse cleaning service provider that can help you with that objective. We do things a little differently. We provide the best results for you, your stakeholders, and the environment. We oversee the smallest of small details that most cleaners overlook. To provide you with an outstanding cleaning service, we consistently attempt to incorporate better and more effective cleaning techniques as we are committed to the highest industry standards.


Factory Cleaning Services

If you want to increase the operational efficiency of your factory, it is important to keep it clean and tidy. A clean work environment fosters better health and wellbeing of your employees. At Clean Up Group, we provide bespoke factory cleaning services to keep your space spic and span. We make use of advanced tools and equipment to cater to all your requirements.


Industrial Cleaning Services

We offer a comprehensive range of services that will help you maintain a perfect warehouse for a more secure workplace. Furthermore, keeping your warehouse in ideal condition will likewise improve its reasonable worth for your forthcoming customers later.

Restoring industrial floors is one of the most common tasks in factory cleaning and warehouse cleaning projects that we take on. Industrial floors often display significant deterioration and a heavy build-up of grime. We make use of effective cleaning techniques and can make the tedious task of industrial floor cleaning simpler for you. Our services are tailored around your needs and we will ensure that there is minimal disruption to your operations.


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Industrial Cleaning Services Melbourne

Don’t hesitate to book our services. Our professional cleaners will do the magic for you! We will provide all the required SERVICES to achieve the best results possible! Fill in our contact form and we will endeavour to call you as soon as possible to discuss how we can cater to your needs today. Having a regular cleaning service is important but not enough to ensure the complete maintenance of your facility. Give us a call for a Free NO Obligation Quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With a clean warehouse, you can ensure efficient operation. Before cleaning, we will assess for any potential hazards. Our service for a warehouse is broad and includes cleaning the ceiling, walls, floors, vents, shelves, etc. We make use of effective cleaning methods to get rid of dirt, grime and dust from every corner of the warehouse.

With periodic cleaning, you can ensure that your factory is well-maintained. With our comprehensive cleaning, we can keep your factory free from grease, dust, dirt and spillage stains.

Every cleaning requirement is different and our prices are determined based on the scale of the cleaning required. Connect with us to share your precise requirements. We will offer a free quote.

Having a regular cleaning service is important but not enough to ensure the complete maintenance of your facility.

Specially hard floors, carpets and external areas all require an automated periodical program to ensure their longevity.

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