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End of The Lease Cleaning

The best way to ensure the impeccable cleanliness of your old home before leaving it for good is to follow a detailed cleaning checklist, which includes:


Builders Cleaning

You have finished the construction work of your home or office. Your client can’t wait to move in and settle down in the new space. But the dust and debris that the construction work has left behind need immediate attention.

​​Rough Cleaning Stage: We remove all rubbish, dust, and dirt from a building, as well as any excess building materials lying around are also taken away.

Final Detail Clean: This is a more intensive than typical house cleaning. It involves first removing any trade related defects, such as splatter paint remains on floors, windows and walls, as well as grout haze and remaining warehouse dust on appliances and furnishings.

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Having a regular cleaning service is important but not enough to ensure the complete maintenance of your facility.

Specially hard floors, carpets and external areas all require an automated periodical program to ensure their longevity.

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